Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Look back at Nov and Dec

I realise that it has been a good 2 months since I last blogged.  The reason I started to blog is to capture the fleeting thoughts and make sense of them…. The days and months have passed me quickly by.

Aug was the announcement of the reorganisation at work. I start tomorrow with a new boss and new teammates.  Hope the new setup is more beneficial for my personal growth journey!

Nov and Dec were trying months.
15 Nov: start of school holidays.  My ILs arrive with SIL's 1-and-a-half year old daughter N in tow.  They bring lots of stuff over with a baby, some of which are still cluttering up my home today.  I shall bring the playpen, diapers, baby bottle detergent, baby bottle brush and baby clothes back to my SIL when I return to MY for CNY.
I receive news at work that my presence is necessary for a workshop on 28 Nov, 2 weeks before the event, when I had already taken leave to be with my family at Legoland.

16 Nov: Little N falls ill with a wheezing cough and runny nose.

18 Nov: I accompany N and ILs to the boys' PD, who as I blogged before in Feb, is worth her weight in gold. I accompany them to explain to the nurses bat little N as the PD normally does not take in new patients as her current patient load is full to bursting.

22 Nov: The Husband and I take a day off to celebrate my birthday.  We drove to JB to shop for the boys' at-home clothes (RM5 for a tee! RM10 for shorts! cheap!) and lug groceries including milk powder back home.

24 Nov: SIL arrives with elder daughter G.  G and Medium Boy promptly devise all sorts of games together.  I am reminded anew why I agreed to the crowds descending on my 88 sq metre apartment in the first place…. to make memories with the boys' cousins!  Hang onto that thought…… because…..

27 Nov: I retire to bed with a headache.  Or rather, that was my original intention when I returned home.  Medium Boy, Small Boy and G have child tickets to the Mickey Mouse magic show at MBS.  The Husband bought just ONE adult ticket.  The SIL decides to be the security guard cum bag concierge over the children.  Seeing that I am home, the MIL decides to go out too, leaving me alone with the helper and N.
N cries for one hour, 15mins before she falls asleep.

28 Nov: I wake up with headache still intact and sit through an intense workshop in Park Hotel, half my mind on work and networking, half my mind wishing I were with the boys at Legoland.

29 Nov: I take a bus to Legoland.  Start off from SG at 9am.  Waiting at the SG checkpoint - 45mins.  Waiting at the MY checkpoint - 1h10mins.  I arrive at Legoland at 1130am.

30 Nov: Return to SG, driving the females of the home (MIL, SIL, G and N, helper) home first.  The boys (FIL, the Husband, Medium Boy, Small Boy) are off on an errand to retrieve the Groupon present that FIL bought online.  Indicated the shipping address as one of the Husband's friends staying in JB.  Friend was not at home when courier came.  Courier refused to release the package to the Husband's friend, citing that his name is not the same as the one indicated on the package.  Gee.  What a whole lot of trouble over one online purchase.
30 Nov was the Husband's 2nd attempt to pick up the package.  22 Nov was the first.

1 Dec: ILs plus 2 little girls depart SG.

9 Dec: Little India riot in SG.  Helper's husband is fatally stabbed in Manila.  While doing his job as a security guard.  What an absolute waste.
I complete my last ops note of 2013.  Together with margin latest estimates that indicate we will fall short of target.  Sigh.

10 Dec: Helper receives news.  Her 12yo daughter sits silent in a corner of the morgue after identifying her father's body.  Only speaks and cries when my helper calls home.

12 Dec: Helper flies home.

29 Dec: Helper returns.

1 Jan: I host New Year lunch for my parents and aunts today.  It is a blessing to feast with family :)

As you can see, I have had 2 months of ups and downs.  Above all, I am thankful for the Husband who made things easier for me when he could.

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  1. Amazing how so many ppl can fit into a 88 sq m apt.