Friday, 7 February 2014

Where are the kids?

Hello everybody!  I am back writing again on my blog.  Came back from MY after the annual CNY trip back.  The boys had FUN FUN FUN! Fireworks, poppers thrown onto the floor, firecrackers, topped off with a trip to bathe and frolic in the river on Tuesday.

My boys are active boys…. they run around, they tug my hand to show me stuff, most tree branches have to be inspected for any interesting insects that might come out…. bringing them outside means the world entertains them, not just me or the Husband.

Last evening at ~815pm, I walked with the 2 boys out to the library.  Strangely enough, there were no kids playing at the playground downstairs or cycling/skating at the concrete court.  Where are all the kids?

If I guess correctly, most children were doing homework at home, or coming back/going to enrichment classes on a Thu evening.  It would be a strange day when my boys grow up and they too have their own routines.  They are now old enough that I do not need to monitor them (for safety reasons) 24/7 and I have some space and time to do my own things… and young enough that they still tug my hand to show me their latest discovery, be it a new way to construct a fan (Medium Boy) or a new configuration of bowling pins / race tracks (Small Boy).

Life is good with these 2 little boys around.

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