Monday, 3 June 2013

Snapshot in the morning

Today is the first day of a month long holiday for the boys.   They entertained themselves this morning as the Husband and I readied for work… Parents of young ‘uns will know this is a RARE occasion…. Definitely worth a blog entry.

Medium Boy wielded the light rod that he received on Friday from his classmate’s birthday party, and affixed “Air post” stickers to the scotch tape roll.  Small Boy stood at the other end of the living room to catch the scotch tape with his red B cap.  MB shouted out “Are you ready, didi?”  SB replied “Ready, steady, go!”  MB poked the scotch tape with the end of his light rod.  On they went at this game for 5 whole rounds, before MB decided to change the roles and twirl the roll, aiming it at the bottom of the chair.
I looked at these 2 boys as they huddled over how / who to handle the scotch tape roll first…. They wore matching white tees with blue collars.  My heart took a snapshot…. *click *
[or “cccccclllllic” as Small Boy is wont to say]

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