Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The milkshake angel

Moving around outside the home with 2 young active ones is not easy.
They do not MEAN to be noisy.  They love to chatter, to practise their new vocabulary on each other and on me and the Husband.
They do not MEAN to drop food.  They do not have the fine motor skills to get the food from plate / bowl to mouth without mishap.

That's why I appreciate servers at eating place who appreciate that my children are just children.

I had gone up to Mount Faber to take yet another cable car ride and the day was really warm.  Flopped down at the cafe to order a cold iced tea for myself.  The Husband had mint tea.  The boys shared a milkshake.  When ordering, the young man (probably in his late teens or early 20s) serving us asked me "Is the milkshake for both of them to share?"  I said yes, expecting that the drink would come in one cup with 2 straws.

5 minutes later, he served the boys one milkshake in TWO plastic cups (same colour) and TWO straws.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Fellow parents of young ones will know how the combination of hot weather and 2 brothers frequently lead to verbal arguments which often lead to pushes / shoves, which end up in me standing as a physical barrier between Medium Boy and Small Boy, so that the brothers do not pummel each other, inflicting permanent damage.

The nice young man side-stepped all of that for me with his thoughtful gesture of separating the one milkshake into 2 identical cups.  WOW WOW WOW.

I wrote a letter to his management to compliment him.

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