Thursday, 8 August 2013

Inspiring woman

My GM is a 44 year old bundle of positive energy.  Whenever she is faced with a difficult situation (and there are many through the course of a work day), she reacts to it with an attitude of "how can we collectively as a team, make lemonade out of lemons?".  She uses her words to inspire... "how to square this off.... what can we do now.... let's look for ways to figure out how to (meet a business objective)".  Excellent at managing her team, as well as communicating.  In good news, she credits her team, and in so doing, credits herself.  In bad news, she manages the message.

She is such a larger-than-life figure to me that I was surprised that she is such a petite lady.... I noticed her physical height with a jolt only when I walked next to her (and talked to her) on the way to a meeting on Tuesday, and hey, I had to look down to meet her eyes when speaking.  Sitting across a table from her, or being in a townhall with her, one would never notice her smallness of frame.

During lunch on Monday, we were talking about children.  She is a mother who believes in keeping her 2 sons aged 16 and 10, close to her.  In fact, she is in Kidzania, KL with both of them over this long weekend.  Another colleague was sharing over lunch how her 10 year old nephew is acting up.  My GM offered sage advice on how she would handle the situation.... Wow. 

And... she is beautiful with sharp cheekbones and clear glowing skin, and she dresses well too.

Oh, I want to be my GM when I grow up! :)

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