Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Songs in the car

- courtesy warning.  this post contains references to bodily secretions.-

Starting sometime in June, when we were on a long drive to Sengkang in the middle of the night, and the 2 boys were sitting at the back by themselves.

Medium Boy started the fireworks song. Medium Boy and Small Boy made hexi-don-te shapes (helix with one bend) with the mesh window shades, and sang

"We are making hexi-don-tes
and we like this place
and we like to sing"

accompanied by tossing the mesh up in the air on the word fireworks.  Small Boy giggled as he followed his brother's actions.

This Monday, Medium Boy started the toilet humour song.  "Papa," he started to tell the Husband..... "I am driving, talk to Mama" was the response... then "Mama..." to me.

MB: listen Mama, I am having a tea party with poo-poo and pee-pee.  *mimes drinking from a teacup*
*giggles madly*

Tuesday.  The tea party expanded to include boo-boo (MB's term for boogers that come out of his nose) and pass gas.

Having grown up in a mostly-female household, I am grossed out.  The Husband thinks MB is just being a boy though....  The 5yo is getting cheekier!

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