Friday, 17 May 2013

A Second Shot

One of my ex-staff, whom I have not caught up with for at least a decade, announced on Facebook that she is getting married.  I thought that it was very strange, because she had already married when she ceased to work with me…. Facebook photos show that she attended French classes, had many delicious looking lunches and dinners with people of various nationalities, travelled extensively… AND there were no photos of her with a partner.   Ah so I conclude that she divorced, and now is remarrying.
The year she was working with me, her work suffered.  She broke up with her university sweetheart, dated extensively, then ended up engaged to another guy by the end of that year.  The uni sweetheart initiated the breakup, seemingly without warning… that relationship lasted 4 years and they were in the queue to purchase a HDB apartment together…. (“Do you want to apply for HDB?” is usually how the Singapore man proposes).
Now she is remarrying.  I wish her all the best in her life.  Be happy darling, you totally deserve it.

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