Thursday, 9 May 2013

Making the most of 24 hours

I have been running on a treadmill these 2 weeks. 
Wake up at 630am, check work emails, get myself and the boys ready for office/school, commute to work, perform new tasks at work, lunches to plug myself back into the grapevine (now I know who is moving into which role when), come back in the afternoon to work some more with interruptions from meetings, dash down by 6pm to meet the Husband (traffic is horrendous at the office building!), take half an hour at a coffeeshop to recollect myself before fetching the boys, have dinner, read to the boys and play with them, sometimes break up their fights, lie down with them by 10pm so that they sleep by 1030pm… and if I am still awake, get up and work some more.
Phew.  I NEED a break. 
To make the best use of my time and be present in the moment, I have resolved to
·         Stop checking my phone when talking to someone.  My phone does not notice when it is neglected.  Other people notice.  And they care.
·         Stop multitasking during a meeting.  Because the easiest way to be the smartest person in the room is to pay attention to the room.
·         Restrict FB time to my commuting time.  These are the found pockets of time.
·         Say no to the volunteer activities.  Taking time away from me and I do not feel as energized as before from doing it.  Might as well stop.

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