Tuesday, 21 May 2013

What comes after 100?

Medium Boy and Small Boy were talking to each other in the car.  Medium Boy told the Husband and me, that he was able to count up to one hundred, then proceeded to demonstrate with Small Boy chiming in.  When Medium Boy reached one hundred, he wondered aloud to himself – what comes after one hundred?
Ah, I know, he continued… the next thing I heard was Eleventy-one, Eleventy-two. Then Twelvety-one.  *Grin *
I have seen the google articles, written by an American, asserting that Chinese children learn the concept of numbers faster, because the Chinese counting system places each number in the one, ten, hundred place, and proceed to describe them.  The Chinese count 1 to 10 in the normal way.  11 is ten-one.  20 is two-ten.  21 is two-ten-one.  101 is one-hundred-one.  110 is one-hundred-ten.  111 is one-hundred-ten-one.  I certainly do not know if that is true for myself as I was growing up… but I certainly like to think Chinese children have an advantage in counting!

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