Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Back to School

Dropped off Medium Boy and Small Boy to school this morning after the Chinese New Year break in Malaysia. 

The director, Teacher D, was downstairs and we chatted for a while.  She observes that Medium Boy looked a little bit grouchy, whereas Small Boy seemed fine.  Yes Medium Boy did tell me last week that he liked his old school better because they had toys for him to play with... and he did not want to come back to Singapore.

Ah, said Teacher D.  She understands now why Medium Boy seemed miffed this morning.  The Montessori method of education starts from the premise that the child is a rational being who works at his learning.  The 3 hours of school each day are very intense in learning activities... the children rotate between language, math and a sensorial activity in school.

I am very comfortable with Medium Boy's development.... He knows how to write his own name now *smile*  But I still need to watch him for dyslexia.  His lower case letters b, p and d are frequently written wrongly....

I hope I am being oversensitive in this area.

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