Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Feedback from AJ

I asked for feedback from my work team on my displayed behaviours and how it maps to the new leadership attributes of authenticity, growth, performance and collaboration.

This is how I look like to A and J from Germany.
It is fun to interact with me as I have a good sense of humour and offer different views on an issue!  thank you thank you *grin*
My resilience needs working on... This is not shown by losing composure, but rather by hiding from a situation and affecting my health.

I view all feedback as a gift and it is very obvious that A and J spent some time on my request for feedback.  I am grateful I have honest and open teammates to open Room 2 (Blind Spot) of my Johari Window.

Will chase the rest of my teammates and my ex boss for the feedback.  Accepting feedback is easy.... acting on that feedback is a life long learning process.

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