Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

.... is a non-event.

We are still at the ILs' place, the Husband and I.  Heading back to SG on Monday.

I toyed with the idea of asking him to bring his mom out for dinner.  Maybe tomorrow is a better day.  Service is not great every 14 February anyway.

Our first Valentine's Day together was spent in JB waiting to get onto the shuttle bus to Senai Airport to catch an AirAsia flight to KL.  He bought me a plate of nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut milk, usually eaten with sambal chilli) and a Milo peng.  No flowers. 
We are practical people, the Husband and I.

When the boys grow up, I will educate them to be equally practical.  Their future girl friends might not thank me for it, but their future wives will.
I am the Scourge of Valentine's Day.  Haha.

Valentine's Day brings to mind a conversation my young female cousin posted on Facebook, overhearing a conversation between 2 uni undergrads, both guys.

Guy 1: I go to her hostel room, and I wash the toilet together with her.... (referring to girl friend)
Guy 2: FWAH, what kind of loser are you, dude.

My cousin is of the opinion that Guy 1 did the right thing.  Aww, so sweet.  Aww, so caring.  Aww, so considerate.
Me.... I agree with Guy 2 that Guy 1 is a loser too.  C'mon man, you are not even using the toilet that you had washed as much as the girl did.  You can wash toilets together with her when you both use the toilet - more or less - equally, or you own the toilet together.  Imagine if the genders are reversed.... The girl washing the guy's toilet.... now that would not be sweet already right, dear cousin, but abuse of the girl friend.....
Ah, perhaps I am just biased because I wouldn't want my boys to wash their girl friends' hostel room toilets.

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