Monday, 25 February 2013

'Dell' guys

Recently Medium Boy has been calling me Dell Mama, the Husband Dell Papa and his brother Dell Didi. If he wants our collective attention, he proclaims to all within earshot,

"HELLO Dell guys!"

He has not told me why the sudden fascination with this latest term of endearment.... I have asked him on and off last week. His response is either 'I dunno...' Or he smiles and shrugs off my question, changing the subject.

Have not been blogging.  Small Boy is down with a runny nose / cough / sore throat.
Wakes me up at night every 2 hours when he coughs himself awake, cries and murmurs 'my gum painful' (he really means his throat hurts) while sticking his finger down his throat in a vain attempt to take away the pain.  He is sooooo cute!  Even when he is sick, and I am sleep deprived

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