Thursday, 28 February 2013

Oxygen masks

Airplane safety advisory tell passengers to put on their own oxygen masks before attending to a child.

I now remind myself to take care of myself first before I am able to take care of Medium Boy and Small Boy, plus date the Husband.  The past 2 weeks have been very challenging for my little family with 2 job transitions, and 3 people falling sick (I am the last woman standing dosing myself with Vitamin C and fish oil).  Last night was the first night since Monday 18 Feb that I have slept through the night........  The boys take turns waking up to cough, I wake up to care for them, my night's rest is interrupted, I have a low grade headache all through the day, I drink 2 cups of coffee to get through the work day in a haze.... 10 WHOLE days! 

Exercise and yoga, mini garden have all paused for now as I struggle to regain my footing.

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