Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Medium Boy's Mandarin teacher in school has feedback that he does know how to form sentences by putting the words together... BUT he needs constant affirmation and encouragement.

He told me last night that we need to buy a mat (!) for me to do his homework with him next week.  [The Montessori school teachers have the children lay out their work on cloth mats, then roll them up when the work is done] 

Next week is holiday week for the boys.  I am thinking of taking Monday and Friday off (or just Wednesday off) to be with the boys in the morning.  My new boss C is going to be on medical leave for a month starting tomorrow, operation for ovarian cyst discovered during a MRI scan on her back.... so I and my 2 teammates need to be around to cover.....

I will see what happens next week.

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