Monday, 18 March 2013

Favourite Toys

Medium Boy has been putting together a very complicated camera from cardboard boxes, plastic colanders (which I usually use to rinse vegetables in the kitchen), and toilet roll holders.  He grabs whoever is passing by and says “Come!  I take your picture….” Leading the person over to the front of his camera.

Small Boy is into bowling and plays with his bowling pins every single night since Nov 2012 when the FIL purchased a play bowling set for him.  Asked him what he loved about bowling, and he says “I like the noise, Mama!” I pity my neighbor living downstairs…. For the sake of neighbourly relations, I sent a cake down when I came back from the ILs... citing Chinese New Year as the reason.

Buying toys seems an absolute waste of money when both boys are playing with odds and ends.  I shall just be a karung guni (recyclables door to door collector, they love electronics!) and pick up cardboard boxes for them to play in.  Cheaper on my wallet plus hey, it builds their imaginations :)
I told the Husband what I was going to blog about today and he added that Mama is their favourite toy!

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