Friday, 22 March 2013


I stagger into the office at 945am.  After eating breakfast with the Husband (on leave, taking the boys to Gardens by the Bay) and the boys.  After feeding half my porridge to Medium Boy and Small Boy.  After squatting and hugging Medium Boy through his poop-in-public-toilet episode - feels like an hour, but really, must be 20mins maximum - because I do not want his legs to touch the dirty toilet seat #.  Small Boy kisses me goodbye in the car – Medium Boy does not, he is busy trying not to sniffle at being away from me – scrutinizes my face after the kiss, and announces “Mama, your face is dirty!”
I walk calmly into the office lift, wait for the small crowd to disperse so that I do not have to take the lift up with anyone vaguely important or anyone that I have to interact with at work.  Dash into the office toilet to check my face.  Yes my face is oily, sunburnt and sprouting pimples.  AAAARGH.  Where did the sunburn come from?  Ah must have been Wed morning at the beach with the dear little ones, playing sand with them.  I do some damage control on my face and walk out to face the world.  I am late for my 10am meeting with my teammate.  Luckily he is still on the phone from his last meeting.  I have a 10min time block to get caffeine.  Phew.
It is a long day already.
# A mummy friend of a girl carries post-it notes around to cover the automatic toilet flush so that little K does not freak out having her bare butt splashed every few minutes.

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  1. I hate public toilets and do what I can to avoid them. I often wonder how it is like for parents since children cannot wait...