Friday, 8 March 2013

Body language matters

Thursday 7 March 2013. The 5th day in my new job.

After a long Thursday afternoon of meetings (where I understand 25% of what is going on), calls to determine the correct numbers for Feb close (60% of what is going on), and being in the office ALL the time (chatting with new people for 9 hours straight including lunch time), I am seriously drained.

The introvert me draws energy from focussing and being alone, unlike the extroverts who draw energy from social interactions.  Dun get me wrong, I like people, just that... my energy source is depleted fast when there are other people constantly talking at and around me.... BUT I digress.....

Back to main story.  I entered the lift at the 9th floor and let myself droop.

A work friend got on at the 4th floor.  He said on seeing me "You look exhausted...."  I must have looked incredulously at him as he then hastened to add "I hope we are close enough (for me) to say this to you."  Yep, we are close enough indeed.  I had helped him at work, and introduced one of his pals to my ex ex boss when his pal wanted to change roles in the Company.

We got out of the lift (there are other people around) and I told him that I am absolutely knackered after 4 days of being in the office, and 5 years of not having to manage my facial emotions and body language when I am working at home, hence I really appreciate his spontaneous feedback.  After all, you never know who might step into the lift next.... maybe a senior leader that I need to impress at work... and I cannot afford to look like a droopy leaf then, can I....

A timely reminder that I am not off work until I enter the car / bus / train.


  1. *hugs* I really want to work at home all the time too! Work without needing to care about facial expressions, body language and office politics (hopefully) should really help!

  2. Ah... working from home means one has to be MORE aware of office politics, not LESS aware. What I choose to do with the information then was usually... nothing. Now I need to jump back into the fray.