Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Thinking his own thoughts

Medium Boy passed a milestone without me being fully conscious when exactly it happened.  He is a fully fledged little boy now who keeps his own counsel, no longer a baby who blurts out his every thought.

The Husband had asked him one day as we were driving out of the ILs’ place in Malaysia.
HB: So Medium Boy, we are going back to Singapore in a few days…
MB: Papa, I do not want to go back.  I want to stay here in Malaysia.
HB: (teasingly) You dun wanna go back because you do not want to go to school right…. Not because you love Ah Kung (paternal grandfather) and Ah Ma (paternal grandmother) and want to be with them…. Awwww, I tell Ah Kung and Ah Ma later.
MB immediately bursts out: NO! You dun tell Ah Kung and Ah Ma!  OF COURSE I love them.  You must promise not to tell them!
The Husband and I were struggling to contain our laughter.

I am both happy and sad that he is thinking his own thoughts …  The above exchange (and some other similar ones that have slipped my porous memory now) is a signal to me to create even more space in our evenings together to connect with him.

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