Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Energy is renewable, not Time

I recently received a HBR article titled “Manage Your Energy, not your Time”.  The authors opine that longer days at the office do not work because time is a limited resource, however personal energy is renewable. There are 4 dimensions of personal energy that the authors recommend we notice… physical, emotional , mental and spiritual.  The tips for rejuvenating physically are
  • Enhance sleep by setting an earlier bedtime and reducing alcohol use…. I do not drink alcohol regularly so that’s a plus for me.  Bedtimes are determined by the boys… I am thinking seriously about putting them in their own room now.  But but but some part of me wants them close!  I spend many hours away from them in the day, night time togetherness is to make up for it…
  • Reduce stress by engaging in cardiovascular activity at least 3 times a week and strength training at least once…. THREE times a week!?  If running after the boys counts, then I have cardio everyday.  Haha.  Not enough to get my heart rate up to 70% of maximum though.  Never mind strength training.  The heaviest things I haul around are my boys.  Oh and weekly grocery shopping.  I walk back from the supermarket.
  • Eat small meals and light snacks every 3 hours…. YES, a tick for me in this area.
  • Learn to notice signs of imminent energy flagging, including restlessness, yawning, hunger and difficulty concentrating…. Yep, I notice… Too often ignore these signs though.
  • Take brief but regular breaks, away from the desk, at 90-to 120-minute intervals throughout the day.
Things are heating up at work with the business plan 2014 kicking off this week.  I turn to brewing this yummy confinement tea.  I use a Thermos Shuttle Chef 1.5L to prepare and drink one cup in the morning, sipping throughout the day.
To boost blood circulation – 3-4 pieces of bei qi (astralagus) and a handful of black beans.
Sweet tasting herbs – 12-15 red dates, a pinch of wolfberries, a bigger pinch of dried longan, 3-4 pieces of finger-sized dang shen (a type of ginseng, I think).

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