Wednesday, 10 July 2013

New Skills

Work has consumed my life, so much that 80% of my waking hours is spent on work.  The only comfort is that a small portion of that 80% is still spent at home where I am physically with the boys.
This week,  Medium Boy has learnt how to blow up a balloon by himself, and blend sounds together to form words.    I am extraordinarily proud of his phonetic ability… so proud that wow, when he eventually learns to read, I might throw a party!  Heh.
Small Boy scores high on mimicry.  He went to the bowling alley once in May, and since then, has been imitating the bowler’s posture when playing with his toy bowling set.  Well, he thinks he is correctly imitating…. What he actually does is to raise his buttocks, then lift a leg up, and his head is down looking backwards at his other leg.  Obviously he cannot see in front… so I tried to correct him, but he was adamant in telling me that he can do it himself, thank you very much.  Yesterday, I caught him sneaking a peek in front before he let go of his toy bowling ball.  Haha.
The mimicry goes so far as he instructing me to put my thumb, third and fourth finger properly into his toy bowling ball, the “correct” finger position, when I bowl with him.  *grin  


  1. Haha, so cute, Small Boy! ;)

    1. Thanks, Wen-Ai! I write down these snippets to remind myself of their antics before they grow up and away from me :)