Friday, 26 July 2013

Chope Food for the Needy

What is Chope?
According to the Singlish definition in,, it means To reserve or hold something for somebody. Sometimes used in games to denote having attained a ‘safe' position.
"If we're not at the theatre by 8, can you chope some seats for us?"

Then I read this which my sister posted. .... Hey, it made me tear up a little and as usual when I am moved, I write (or blog, in this instance).

There has been a movement going around in Facebook to chope food for the needy, that is, pay the hawker upfront for your own food plus another portion.  I have been chope-ing another bowl of noodles when I eat lunch at the hawker centre near my home... sometimes up to 3 bowls.  One day Mr Lim the hawker had time to talk to me as I was early for lunch (went at 11am)... there are 4 other people who have been paying forward for food too.  Mr Lim looks out for retirees above 70 years old, and tells them that their food has already been paid for.

Restores my faith in humanity, it does.

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