Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Blog keeping

Came in and realised that I have not posted since 11 April, 13 days of silence.

I have been busy with work yes, delivering new things in the 6th/7th week of my new role.  The main reason why I have not been posting though.... is that I use my non-work time to soak in my children's innocence.  To simply BE with them.

The world over the past 13 days has had many events that make no sense to me, a simple human trying to live as best, as fully as I can.
Boston Marathon bombing.
Sichuan earthquake.
Margaret Thatcher's death, the Iron Lady who polarises in death as in life.
Closer to home, continuing haze from the Indonesian forest fires.

Yep, what is this world coming to?

Hence the temporary hiatus from the blog to be in the real world, to live my real life.  I shall return later.  When I need to empty my mind of the excess thoughts :)
Bear with me, friends.

Ah a sequel to Meow. Small Boy has been asking me every time we see a cat now... "Mama, does this cat speak English?"  *grin*

And... according to this link that a friend forwarded to me, I am in the 0.1% richest in the world.  That means I am very blessed materially, yes?

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