Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Walk boy walk!

The boys were at their favourite weekend haunt – Gardens by the Bay – on Saturday morning.  After going around the 2 air-conditioned conservatories, Medium Boy went with Ah Ma and Ah Kung to ride on the Garden Cruiser.  Small Boy got busy chopping down trees on the Flower Dome touch screens.

Managed to entice Small Boy away from the touch screens by telling him that if he exits, he will get another circle (re-entry stamp) on his arm.  He happily followed me out…
Then I had to think of how to motivate him to walk the 1 or 2 kilometre to Satay by the Bay where the car was parked…  Sang the Christmas carol “Little Drummer Boy” to him when he drummed away with 2 tiny tree branches.  He is soooo cute at this age.  Mama jukebox needed a cool fruity juice to soothe the throat after that!

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