Thursday, 4 April 2013


I brought both boys out for a post-dinner walk around the neighbourhood a couple of evenings back. Medium Boy and Small Boy wandered through the apartment blocks behind the primary school, then turned to the basketball court to watch people shooting hoops. A cat came by…. Medium Boy approached it quietly, then shushed his brother who was being a little bit too noisy.  Small Boy ran after the cat, shouting “Come here, cat!” The cat FLED.  I would too if I were a small animal being approached by 2 noisy energetic boys who look as if they wanted to pull my tail.

Undeterred, Medium Boy chased another cat to a thicket of palm trees next to the basketball court.  Small Boy moved as quietly as he could, so that the cat was not spooked.  This was the conversation that they had with the cat (still hiding in the palm trees) when squatting beside.
MB: Dun be scared ok.  Meow meow meow
SB: meow meow meow
MB: meow meow meow…. come….
SB: hey cat, look, these people are playing basketball.
MB: NOOOOOO didi, you must say meow to the cat.  The cat doesn’t understand English.
- Mama tries hard to stifle laughter -
SB: *perplexed look but figured that his brother is older and presumably wiser * (looks back at the cat) meow?
- Mama is laughing out loud now -

Nope, the Cat did not eventually come out. It stayed safe in the shelter of the trees. 

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  1. Wonderful, exactly what I needed on SFS submission day! Thanks Celine, virtual hug