Monday, 5 November 2012

A well deserved break

Since I still have the luxury of working from home, I am sneaking out in a couple of minutes for a facial!  FY from Vanilla Century Square branch does the normal extraction, and masks... and on top of that, throws in an acupressure massage which has done wonders to clear my clogged pores.  She says I have inner heatiness, which manifests itself as pimples and sebum on my pores.   
I have had acne for the longest time since I was 11 years old.  Started with blackheads on my nose that I used the Kao Biore pore packs on (anyone remembers them?) and when those did not work, I used exfoliating cleansers to scrub my face.  FY's professional opinion of my skin: Dehydrated on the surface and oil clogged within.  Big sigh....

I do not think I am the vainest woman around.... heck, I do not even check my reflection when I pass a mirror.  My work mentor YP has recently taken to wearing makeup at work whilst she did not do so before.  She is 40 this year..... Each woman has her own limits of vanity.  The day where one wakes up and discovers new lines, or new pimples (yikes!) on the face.  Nora Ephron's 2006 book "I feel bad about my neck" is just so aptly titled.... I will check it out from the library when I get around to it.

No wonder that wherever women are, there will be a thriving hair salon / facial / manicure place!

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