Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Strong Moments

Most people would have encounted the phrase 'win-win' negotiations where both parties are supposed to walk away good with the outcomes they have negotiated for themselves.  When I look at Medium Boy and Small Boy, I waver sometimes in my decision not to send them to my alma mater primary school.    Is it possible that they are the skilful minority who are able to excel academically and grow up with values of community service, care for self and others, and generally being a good neighbour?  I do not know.  The debate continues in my mind.

I recall Jack Goodwin, a Texan cowboy with a doctorate in business, and my teacher in the courses "Customer Service" and "Managing... (something or other)", booming from the front of the lecture hall.... "Re-MEM-ber the power of AND, and the tyranny of OR!"

Oh Jack, we all have 24 hours in a day.  In every single aspect of life (family, health, work, community), I need to model to the boys how to live strong and live fully.  Weak moments, how matter how good my performance the external world judges it to be, ultimately weaken me... they are the things that I feel energy draining from me when I am doing them.....

My strong moments occur when
  • I figure something out
  • I spend time by myself reading, writing or preparing my mind
  • a fresh insight dawns on me
  • I have an in-depth conversation with someone
  • I have a chance to show my expertise.
  • I discover the few critical improvements that make the difference
  • someone calls me out of the blue and relies on my opinion
  • I clarify a complex issue for someone, she acts on what I tell her, and I see her succeed
  • I land on a distinction that reveals an elemental truth about the world
  • I am asked to be an expert witness.
I will continue to observe Medium Boy and Small Boy to find out what their strong moments are.

Observations on Medium Boy's strong moments here
To be continued...

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