Friday, 16 November 2012

You are not fair, I am not fair

The Husband and I picked up Small Boy from Aunt's place Wednesday evening.  This is the second stop of the evening after we had driven from Medium Boy's school.

The Husband or I usually pack a snack for Medium Boy from school.  If Small Boy is able to eat the snack (he is still allergic to nuts), we ask MB to wait for 10mins to share with his didi as we go on our way to Aunt's place.  Usually MB is happy to oblige.  He is a very loving and generous korkor.

On Wednesday, MB shared his snack with SB, then prattled on as he usually does. 

MB: We need to be fair ok.  You take that box and I take this one.  (Pause) If you are not fair and I am not fair, we will go to the corner room* (Pause while the Husband and I are struggling to contain our laughter)  But it is ok.  We will be together and we can play together. *awwww*

SB: (ignores his brother, concentrates on the snack and chomps away)

* The corner room is the smallest bedroom in our apartment that is now the boys' play room.  When either or both of them misbehave, we send them to the corner room to think.

I find it hilarious that when the boys are together, MB issues almost continuous comments at SB, and SB ignores him!!  They are cute at this age.

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