Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Medium Boy is still a small boy

Medium Boy is at the age where he talks. A lot. He uses reason and logic to catch the times I am inconsistent. He is a good teacher to cultivate my integrity and patience.

I caved in on Sunday evening and bought him the stroller fan from NTUC supermarket because he was persistent.  Times like this, I wish the Husband were around to buffer me.  He is away on a weeklong business trip.

Medium Boy is seldom vulnerable now in the day. He can do things by himself thank you very much Mama. 2 incidents happened recently to remind me how young he still is ….  I think of him mostly as a big boy now because he is big brother to Small Boy.

As I was putting him to bed Monday night, he asked me “Mama, pls will you sayang (love) me?” with a plaintive note in his voice.   He had been quiet for ~5 minutes as I was tending to Small Boy before the plea for attention.  I looked into his eyes, and remember when I first held him in my arms after birthing…. How I will love him all the way to the moon, and back.  Then I gave him a long hug with our arms entwined around each other, kissed him on the forehead and made soothing noises.

This morning, Medium Boy was playing with his new NTUC-bought fan.  It was the usual morning rush to get both boys ready.  Out of the blue, he asked me “Mama, am I a winner or loser?”  I replied “You are a winner, of course.  See you are dressed and didi is not….”  He turned back to the fan and said…. “But Mama, A (his classmate) said I am a loser during the concert” [Medium Boy’s N2 class performed for the school K2 graduation concert last Saturday]

I stopped what I was doing, walked to him, hugged him, then told him “Medium Boy, you will always be Mama’s winner.  You are good at many things, and you are a loving brother.  Ignore A.  Tell me if he says anything that makes you sad or angry inside again.”

A had called Medium Boy a name before.  Medium Boy is the sort to brood, and think quiet thoughts by himself.  I am now debating if (and how) I should bring this incident up to his school teachers….   What do I expect them to do anyway?  Nothing, is my honest answer.  I just need advice on how they will handle such a situation if it were their own child, and also their professional insight on how to manage such quarrels between 2 children.  After all, Medium Boy and Small Boy are likely to trade heated words sometime when they are growing up.

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