Friday, 9 November 2012

T-shirt and Fans

I woke up next to Small Boy.... or rather, his legs were going bang bang bang on the bed.  I was awakened by that sound.  He looked at me smilingly, pointed to my shirt and asked 'Why you wear Papa's shirt?'

The Husband and I walked to church last evening after dinner to give thanks.  Coincidentally he received news on Tue morning that he was successful in his 2nd round interview, and that same evening, C called me to tell me that I am the chosen candidate for the job.  The ILs were asleep in the room where I keep my t-shirts when we eventually returned home, hence I pulled on one of the Husband's tees to wear.
Small Boy is observant.

Medium Boy is observant too when it comes to his beloved fans.  Ah Kung (FIL) had picked up a microwave that someone threw away to repair.  As with most electrical applicances, there IS a fan inside.  Medium Boy spent some time outside with Ah Kung to discuss electric circuits, positioning of the fan (why is it behind and not in front? he asked), count the number of fan blades and other esoteric matters about fans that only a true fan lover is concerned about.  To me, a fan is a device to circulate air in the room....  It is good that Medium Boy has Ah Kung to discuss all these science/engineering matters with.  Neither the Husband nor I are thus inclined.

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