Saturday, 5 January 2013

First school bus trip

I asked Medium Boy on Thursday night - are you ready to take the school bus tomorrow? (From school to aunt's place) Both boys met the kindly school bus uncle and auntie on Thursday morning. Medium Boy likes the uncle's kind face.  Hence he agreed to try out the school bus on Friday.

I raced down from morning chores to get to their school by 1130am so that I could personally escort them onto the bus.  Then drove to aunt's place to receive them.

Medium Boy bounded off the bus and immediately gave his CNN news report.

"You know mama... Didi was looking for you for the bus just now. He couldn't find you so he cried. Yes he did, until Auntie sat next to him. (Pause for breath)
The school bus has seat belts, Mama. Didi couldn't buckle so I buckled it for him!"

I looked into the back of the bus for Small Boy. His shoulders were hunched forward; his eyes were red with tears. Immediately I gathered Small Boy into my arms for a hug and kiss.

He saw me, said one word "Mama!" And leaped into my embrace.  My poor little one! I had forgotten completely to tell him about the school bus!  Sorry Small Boy, Mama shall remember to brief both you and kor kor next time...

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  1. Aiyo... Small Boy cried because he missed his Mommy? There will come a time when you will miss these moments when he is completely devoted to you.