Monday, 21 January 2013

No more tears

I was in Malacca for a work related trip Thursday and Friday.  Rushed to get a couple of things done from Monday to Wednesday, working EU hours.  However the boys’ 830am to 1130am school day still meant getting up at 7am to prepare them for school.  The work of a mom doesn’t have regular office hours.

From the previous Sunday evening 13 Jan, I started to psycho the boys.  They had been crying when dropped off the previous week (7-11 Jan, oh tis ONLY their 2nd week of school in the new place….. hmm…).  I asked both boys, are you gonna cry tomorrow morning.
Medium Boy:  YES Mama, because you take such a long time to park the car, and you NEVER come back.
Small Boy: NO.  [haha, victory for Mama]  [Yes, Small Boy is a little boy of few words]
I continued the next morning before we all set off for school.  I told MB that if he wanted to cry, he should cry when he is at home and I am around to sayang him.  He looked bewildered…. While he acknowledged the logic of my statement, I can almost see the thought bubble above his puzzled face “Cry for what?  Mama is still around…..” :P
The crying ceased last Monday.  I waited with bated breath for Tuesday and Wednesday to come around, repeating my script to them.  Then left for my work trip on Thursday morning…. The Husband whatsapp me that both boys are fine both mornings.  No crying.
My new mommy mantra is "if you cannot convince them, confuse them".  Hahahhahaha!

This morning, both boys happily waved bye bye at me and walked into school by themselves, from my hands into the teacher’s hands.  I am extremely proud of them, my 2 brave boys.
Just like the time both were vaccinated at Dr B’s.  Both did not yell or cry or shed any tears.  The gummy bears must have helped too.  *grin *


  1. Hey, you know something? Boys become really independent when mommy's not around. When mine were young, my mom used to say they put on their best behavoir when I traveled. Now that they're older, they do their own laundry, cook and clean up when I'm away.

    1. Wow, tis to your credit that you have brought them up to be independent :)

  2. Waaaaah.... big step. Boys step away into the world.