Friday, 25 January 2013

No more "death by powerpoint"

I have attended many presentations in my work.  Uninspiring presentations are so common that there is even a term for it: death (not literally, in the sense of being bored to death) by powerpoint.  Sigh.

A work colleague in the new department forwarded "Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs" to me.

I found the 3 "Acts" immensely helpful and the theory of "90 hours for 30 slides" shocking!

2 other presenters I admire are Carly Fiorina during her tenure as HP CEO, and .... (this one is a shocker, even for myself... I gleaned this tip from sitting next to a very powerful woman at dinner, a woman who once headed the upstream exploration department of the Indonesian National Oil Company)... ahem, Angelina Jolie when she is talking about her UNICEF humanitarian work.

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