Friday, 25 January 2013

The wheels of the bus go round and round

Medium Boy had a cut on his big toe last night.

"Mama, I dun wanna go to school tomorrow" was his plaintive plea as we laid our heads on the pillow to sleep.

I told him that things will look better in the morning, and let's see how his toe is faring when he wakes up tomorrow.

After a few tosses, he stuck his head into my face and said "Mama, I dun want to go to Chinese school too!"  [I send him to Berries class to learn some Chinese from 5pm to 645pm every Friday]

Today I called aunt and asked if there was any fuss at all going to Chinese class.  Turns out that Medium Boy WANTED to go because he got to be on the bus for a bus ride.  Gah!  All my mommy reasoning and bribing (last week, it took a chocolate bar....) and all it took was a BUS RIDE!!!!

Ah but I am thinking from my own point of view.  A bus ride is a truly exciting treat for a 4-going-on-5 little boy whose privileged life has been spent being ferried in the car by Papa and Mama Transport Company.  I must learn to think like he does.....

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