Wednesday, 9 January 2013

House cleaning the mind

Did the boys do anything differently from Monday? No, they are still screaming and crying at the school gate, today and yesterday as on Monday.
Am I doing anything differently?  Yes, I have decided that I Shall Be A Zen Momma.

Hence the heart clenching stopped yesterday.  Any pangs today?  Well, maybe a teeny tiny one as I turned tail and left for home.  I keep my eyes on the long term goal. 
Note to self: look up and see the sky, dear.  This moment too shall pass, as every single moment does.  In the mean time, appreciate the beauty of the clouds.  They change every single day. 

In this mood, I should write in Chinese, the language of my heart.  I haven't quite figured out how to input Chinese characters yet :P


  1. Wow! Chinese is your language of the heart? But but... you write such lovely English!!

    1. Thanks Petunia! I hope... I hope... I remember how to write grammatical Chinese. I havent used it for so long that the Chinese circuits in my brain are getting rusty.

  2. u need to install the language service pack into your blogging computer, then press ALT + SHIFT at the same time to switch languages.

    u need to choose which kinda of Chinese script = simplified or traditional.

    Ah Fry *WIDE GRIN*