Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Girls and Boys

Medium Boy is discovering the difference between girls and boys.
Last night after he did his I-dun-wanna-go-to-school spiel again, (he wanted to be with me! the whole day! *melt and shudder at the same time*) he told me that his ex classmate H at the old school said “Girls are different.  They are shorter than boys”.
Oh by the way, H is a girl.
Since we are on the topic of boys and girls…. Hmmm…. Will Medium Boy be embarrassed when he reads this in my blog later?  Never mind, I shall blog it anyway.  Hehe.
One day, he came out from the bathroom stark naked, then proceeded to tuck away what is between his legs further back … erhmm… into his thighs.  Then proclaimed “Mama, look!  Now I am a girl!”
I did not know whether to laugh or faint on the spot then.  In the end…. BWAHHAHHHAHHHHAHAHA.


  1. Thanks all! This is a cute age la... 4 going on 5... Old enough to reason, not old enough to have varied life experiences :)