Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Papa is not driving a Ferrari anytime soon

This is a conversation that Medium Boy had with the Husband one evening as the Husband was putting away his collection of Ferrari toy cars bought during Shell petrol promotions.

Hb: when you grow up, will you buy Papa a Ferrari to drive in?

(Between the Husband and myself, we joke that Medium Boy is likely to end up as an engineer or scientist of some sort... Hey, he might be the Director of technical development for Ferrari on the F1 track... Husband figured that MB is never gonna be an F1 driver with his 2 left feet... The same 2 left feet I have! :p)

MB: (looks at the Ferrari cars and at his Papa) NOOOooooo Papa, you are too big to fit in!!!

Hb: (laughs and puts on a mock indignant look) Are you saying Papa is too fat?!?!

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