Tuesday, 11 December 2012

5 Christmas carols

The lights and sounds of Christmas are truly upon us.  The Husband and I have brought the boys out to Orchard Road to see the Christmas light-up.  Christmas carols provide the backdrop to the annual spending.... My extended family throws a party every year at Grandma's house, 1st aunt is the primary cook and the rest of us contribute entrees, mains and deserts.  I have not decided what we will contribute this year yet.... Time for some net surfing :)

These Christmas carols are my current top 5 favourites
  • O come O come Emmanuel.  This is the song that opens Christmas mass each year.  The Christmas mystery: why did He come as a baby when He could have been a king of power, glory and might?
  • Silent Night.  I remember reading or hearing a story once that during World War 1, the Germans and British, by mutual consent out of a common humanity, laid down arms on Christmas.  Out of the darkness, one lone voice started singing "Silent Night" and the other side responded in their own language.  What a beautiful story! 
  • O Holy Night.  I sang in a choir during my undergraduate days.  The choir master implored us to round our vowels when we came to the line "Fall on your knees....", an exhortation rather than a command to fall on the knees.
  • Joy to the World.... The Lord is Come.  Every heart has reason to hope. 
  • Feliz Navadez.  Simply because the tune is catchy and I do wish you a Merry Christmas!

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