Friday, 28 December 2012

Shiny Happy People

I was at lunch with my colleague SY today when TT walked by.  From the other folks sitting around the other table, I reckon they are enjoying a Christmas lunch for their department.  The way TT walks, talks and behaves reminds me very much of the REM song “Shiny Happy People”.  Youtube video here.
I have known TT ever since I joined the Company 8 years ago.  One gets the sense when talking to TT that he has found his life purpose.  As a scientist, a manager and a father.
It is not the laugh-a-minute types who are truly happy, contrary to most people’s expectations.  Happy people have a different look and a can-do upbeat attitude.  When faced with a situation, we look for what we can do to influence the outcome instead of whining or complaining or over-analysing.

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