Thursday, 13 December 2012

Strong Wills

I have a temper.  Kind friends of mine say I am strong-willed. 
The Husband has a temper.  Kind friends of his, plus his parents, say he is strong-willed.

Add 2 strong wills together.... is it any surprise that both Medium Boy and Small Boy have strong wills too?  Ater all, there is a 100% chance genetically that Medium Boy and Small Boy are determined little boys.  I look into their eyes and how they act, and I know..... these boys, they have fight in them. 
This song "Little People" from Les Miserables illustrates what the little people can do.

Medium Boy as a newborn clamped onto me so hard that I bled on Day 9 when latching him (note to new moms: check latch position!), and cried - loudly and frequently - in protest whenever I unlatched him.   Poor thing was probably hungry half the time..... The lactation consultant I called that day diagnosed that Medium Boy's tongue was prone to stick to the roof of his mouth, and taught me to quickly run my finger along his gum to get his tongue down before latching him.  On hindsight, I should have known that, seems common sense now... however at that time, common sense flys out the window for a new mom though.... that thought did not occur to me then.

[Side note re healing bleeding nipples - please skip this section if you are sqeamish or are not a breastfeeding mom
1.  Air dry 
2.  Salt bath (dilute salt solution) for 20mins to half hour at a time
3.  Spread a few drops of expressed milk onto the bleeding area]

Small Boy as a newborn latched onto me for an hour immediately after birth.  I joke with the Husband that his latching lasted half as long as his 2 hour labour.  He latched well, too well, in fact.  Every time I carried him, he would root his way to my boob.  Drank until his little stomach was round as a barrel.  Then proceed to puke mouthfuls of milk out, like a Merlion.  Every. Single. Feed.
I gave in at the 6 week mark and stuck a pacifier into his seeking mouth.

Channeling these 2 strong-willed forces of nature to grow into literate, numerate men with EQ, is my life's work for the next 18 years.

I pray for them before they were born, and now over them every night "O Lord, help me grow them into wise and compassionate men, men after your own Heart."  ...... with the Husband in mind as the human model when I prayed.