Thursday, 27 December 2012

Lucky people

Another really really great Christmas has passed, surrounded by family all in good health.  Medium Boy received a children's story about a Nepalese boy chasing his dreams to climb Mount Everest from his grandaunt.  The book has notes for the adult reading to the child... I briefly summarise it into 8 points, and how I am doing on each point.

Change your attitude, change your luck. 
Expect to be a winner.  Luck begins in the thoughts.  This quote normally attributed to Gandhi sums it up best.   "Keep your thoughts positive.  Thoughts become words; words become behaviours; behaviours become habits; habits become values; values become destiny"
Making time for yourself to tune into your intuition makes you luckier.
Phew, I do this via this blog and by journalling.
Look for the silver lining.
I belive that looking on the bright side of everything helps to attract luck.  No I am not optimistic that I am a Pollyanna.  It is just much easier to focus on the bit of good in everyone and in every situation, no matter how itsy-bitsy the good seems at first.
Let bad luck slide off you.
Bad things happen to good people.  They are only temporary visitors.  The happy things are permanent.
Try new things.
To expand my mind and my horizons.
Be alert for new opportunities.
Rested and ready, the intuitive me leaps upon new opportunites.
Take steps to improve your life.
I act, I do things to grow and improve.  I contribute uniquely via my work in the office and at home to the world.
Live in the present.
Yesterday is over, no point to dwell too much except to extract the juice of every lesson learnt.  Tomorrow is not here yet....

As Forrest Gump might it, lucky is as lucky does.
Keep working on the luck, everyone!


  1. You have an amazing capacity for introspection.

  2. Yes Petunia, that's why I need the Husband, a man of action, to keep me grounded in the real world!