Thursday, 20 December 2012

This too shall pass

My current boss asks me for updates during our weekly calls, she makes me feel like I am just another thing on her to-do list, and does nothing to help defend my work.  I have to explain to boss' boss myself what is going on.

This too shall pass...

Small Boy is clingy to me when I leave home.

This too shall pass...

I am down again with a cold plus slight fever, and I am at the office.

This too shall pass...

Many things shall pass.  As I approach Christmas, I stop to think about the meaning of Advent (the 40 days before Christmas) and the true meaning of Christmas.  I want to re read Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"... if I can spare the time from work, home, the boys. 

A thought experiment: What do the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future tell me?

Past - that I am blessed with many Christmas Days spent with family and friends.  That I am blessed to be able to sing in a choir, to give my time to others and have sufficient money to fulfil another's wish for the Boys' Brigade annual Christmas drive.

Present - that I am blessed with 2 healthy and lively boys, and a soul mate in my Husband.

Future - that I will continue to be blessed.

And all this. too. SHALL. pass!

Hanging by a thread onto my sanity,  Celine


  1. My baby can't sleep.. I'm not sleeping well.. there is some unhappy things going on in my life now.. thanks for reminding me.. This too shall pass!

    1. Hi OKC, you feeling better today?
      I do not have the time to read the news these few days, let alone pick up "A Christmas Carol".