Friday, 7 December 2012

How he has grown

I realise with a start this morning that Medium Boy is tall enough to reach my waist.  I have a photograph of him at 5 months old on my office desk.  His eyes and his expression are exactly the same, especially when he hugs my legs when I return from work and looks up into my eyes.  Friends and relatives say his eyes are like mine.  (So are Small Boy's eyes, but this post is about Medium Boy :) )

He flipped over at 5 months old, crawled at 9 months old, and started to walk at 13 months.  Suddenly he was not where I had put him down.  That was when I felt a pang in my heart for his newborn days.
Then he went to school and took his first steps away from me, away from home...  And the pang in my heart became a throb.

Now he is 4 years (and a few months) old.  Where has my baby gone to?  In his place is a little boy with his own preferences, opinions and ideas.

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