Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gathering my Thoughts

I started this blog to write about my diverse interests.  In raising 2 boys ... the breastfeeding stories of their early days, the wisdom and logic of Medium Boy growing into his own mind, getting through the terrific twos with Small Boy expressing his need for individuation.

I am also interested in gender diversity situations in the workplace, work life balance [I found one aspect of my own answer in strong moments, moments that make me come alive with enthusiasm and passion, and then purposely imbalancing my life towards them], music in its capacity to energise, soothe or heal.... traditional chinese medicine to keep all in my family healthy...

And back down to earth... managing a household... cooking, cleaning (where does all the dust in a closed cupboard come from?), first forays into keeping a plant alive and thriving.

Oh what an eclectic list of interests!

So ten things I know to be true today.
  1. Cousins have a spectator seat to one's growing up years.  When I am an adult, I appreciate the blood connection with my cousins a whole lot more.  Close enough to understand a part of who I am, yet distant enough to give a more objective view than siblings. 
  2. Date nights can be cheap and simple.  Such as a walk to the beach on a drizzly night, then sitting down and counting aeroplanes. 
  3. Boys are different from girls.  Raising a boy who is purposeful, who serves his community and aware that all of us are neighbours.
  4. Boys interact differently from girls.  The Husband banters with Medium Boy and Small Boy in a way that I never would.  Putting them purposely in situations where they have to reach just a little harder, think a little faster, because this 'aggressive nurturance' is how men teach boys to become men. 
  5. I now understand why the Husband does the above, BUT I still cringe inside while letting go and trusting him to teach the boys.
  6. Each child has different learning styles.  Medium Boy is primarily kinesthetic.  I havent figured out yet how Small Boy best absorbs information.
  7. I love cut flowers around the house!
  8. I will grow old one day, look back and think 'these are some of the best days of my life'.  So enjoy the present!
  9. The best is indeed yet to be. .... No, I am not from ACS .. for obvious reasons.... or affiliated with any of the schools.
  10. I miss my Religious Knowledge and Secondary 3 Chinese teachers.  Wu lao shi taught us to keep our Chinese notes, but the books were thrown out when we had a bug infestation at home.  Sigh.  I miss reading fluently in Chinese.

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