Sunday, 16 December 2012


Medium Boy reached out his hand to tickle me just as we were settling in to read a book. I slapped his hand away from me... He pouted, turned away from me and I brought his attention back to me (and the book) by asking him to teach Small Boy together with me.

He obliged. He is usually a mild mannered one.

We talk every night before he sleeps. I ask him the same question every night 'what do you want to tell mama?' And limit the conversation by adding '.... Choose just one thing....'

Tonight he chose to ask me why Malaysia has black M and Ms and Singapore does not.  Ehhhhh. Then prefixed his next comment with 'mama, this is still one thing ok...' Heh he is stopping me from interrupting him :)
'Why are there many colours of M and Ms, mama?' Fully confident that I am able to answer him.

Silence for the next 2 minutes.

Then 'mama.... I have a second thing to tell you....'
Ok dear, what is it?
'Mama, when it is an accident (= he means to play, and means no harm, I think...?), you cannot scold me ok.' Referring to his unsolicited unexpected tickling.
Yes my aggrieved darling, I will not scold you if it is an accident.

An excellent reminder from Medium Boy that we judge ourselves by intent, and others by actions. Be kind to each other, human beings..... Says the little wise man.

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