Monday, 15 October 2012

Attitude to money

I am financially prudent.  Always have been, and (I like to think that) I always will be.

Until I saw this bag and I. Just. Had. To. Buy. It.
Suffice to say I have to work ONE entire month to buy the bag.  In terms of exchanging time for money, and money for one bag, this is a stupid investment decision indeed.
But oh..... never had I lusted for a bag, any inaminate object, until I set eyes on this bag in a Hong Kong shop during our getaway. 

I say I am financially prudent because my home loan is paid out of CPF and does not exceed the MAS recommendation of 35% of income.  I pay all my credit card bills in full at the end of every month, and scrutinise my bills when they come in.  I am debt free except for the housing loan.  The Husband and I decided to bite the bullet and pay off our car in 3 years instead of stretching the car loan to 10 years.  I absolutely refuse to pay the bank any more interest than I have to.

Even my MIL says I am thrifty.  She is being kind of course. 

I see too many of my peers who live on credit card debt.  That way of life is not for me.  In terms of managing money, and not letting money manage me, this lady is my idol.  Her message about delayed gratification, fiscal responsibility and knowing the difference between needs and wants, speaks to both my head and my heart. 

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