Monday, 15 October 2012

Happy together

Medium Boy went with the Husband to fetch his grandparents from the airport last Saturday.  As the ILs' flight landed at 5pm, it was a little too early for a Small Boy who slept only at 330pm to hightail it to the airport too.  Not to mention that a sleepy Small Boy is a cranky Small Boy.

I went to Aunt's place to celebrate Second Sis's birthday that evening.
7pm at Aunt's place.  The phone rang and hey the call was for me.
Husband: your boy misses his little brother.  I am dropping him off in 5 minutes.
Me: (slightly surprised) ok

Medium Boy came up, and spent most of the evening bossing Small Boy around, telling him what to do and which toys to play with.  Such is the behaviour of an older sibling.

As the eldest sibling of 4 girls, my life is most interesting when all 4 of us are together in one place.  I used to take it for granted that we would all be around for each other in our lives, after all, that is what family is for.  Miss them sometimes when I need a sib to grouse to.  Only a sib understands my perspective best, since we are all close in age and share similar values.

I always knew that I were to be blessed with children, I wanted at least 2 for them to grow up together and be there for each other.  Just like how I was brought up.

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