Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blogging about Children

As I blog, I am keenly aware that both Medium Boy and Small Boy will be readers of my blog one day.  They will see themselves as I see them.  Hence in this respect, it is not bragging to talk about their accomplishments and how proud I am of them.  Make no mistake, I AM proud of them, my 2 little boys.
  • Medium Boy thanked Small Boy today for passing a toy over, and Small Boy responded "You are welcome!"
  • Medium Boy let Small Boy have Medium Boy's self-appointed task to press the lift button IN the lift.  [between them, they worked out that Small Boy presses buttons outside the lift; Medium Boy presses buttons inside the lift]
  • Small Boy took a car to Medium Boy when Medium Boy was crying, and said 'Sayang (= comfort) kor kor, be happy, don't cry.....'

It is not that I have no problems being a mother to them, not by any long shot.  I am not perfect.  They are not perfect.  BUT I love them whole-heartedly, yes with my whole heart.  No matter what they achieve, no matter who they are, simply because they belong to me and the Husband. 


  1. These are the moments that truly brighten up a Mother's Day :)

    Will add u on nuffnangx which will update me when you have a new post !

  2. :) great of you to drop by with a comment, Jasmine. what is nuffnangx?