Friday, 5 October 2012

Navel gazing

Small Boy was born 2 and a half years ago.  I looked down at my navel, hence literally navel gazing, and the 'linea negra' that runs down my abdomen is totally gone now.  YAY!

Used to run pretty regularly before I met the husband.  Thanks to his foodie tendencies, too many meals of eating well has left its mark on my girth.  I have not seen my abdominal muscles for 6 years now.  Sigh.  *perks up* I have 2 handsome boys now.  I consider it a more than fair exchange - taut abdominal muscles for my sons.

Hypobirthing with Ginny Phang helped me to give birth drug free, no gas no epidural nothing.  It was not bravado.  All my reading and research led me to believe strongly that a drug free birth equals an alert baby ready to latch after birth.  Both Medium Boy and Small Boy responded to the Husband's soft whisper of their names straightaway after birth.  Me?  I remember feeling exhilarated and exhausted simultaneously.

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