Thursday, 11 October 2012

Men in India

Two observations about men in India.

Observation #1
Last evening as I exited the lift, 2 Indian men cut in front of me!  In Singapore, the able-bodied men will wait for the women, elderly and children to exit first in my HDB apartment lift, then walk out themselves.  It is a dance of watching each other's feet with minimal eye contact... Hehe.  Somehow the women will be out of the lift before the men even move.
BUT last evening, being born and bred in Singapore, and used to the ways of our men, I nearly crashed into the 2 men.  Who are obviously not following the above rule.

I am amused at myself, how I behave in India is the way I behave in Singapore.  I forget where I am!

Observation #2
95% of men in Chennai, India have some form of facial hair.

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